Läsprojekt: 2016 and counting

Det här projektet påbörjade jag 2016, med målet att klara av det på ett år. Det gick sådär… Så nu tänker jag att jag lägger dit böcker som passar, oavsett om det tar ett eller fem år!

Den här utmaningen innehåller 52 punkter, lagom mycket tycker jag. Lyckas jag ta slut på dem får jag väl hitta på nya! Bredvid varje punkt länkar jag till det inlägg jag skrivit om boken ifråga. Alla inlägg i utmaningen hittar du här. Ett personligt mål är även att försöka läsa nya böcker inom utmaningen och därmed försöka minska högen med olästa böcker som finns här hemma.

A book by a non-western author
A book with a place in the title – The Just City
A book with less than 100 pages
A book published this year
A book in which you follow at least two characters – Stalins kossor
A book that hasn’t been made into a movie or TV-series
A book by an author from a country you want to visit – Agaat
A book with a pink cover – Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
A book that has at least two authors
A book you’re too embarrassed to read in public
A book by a Nobel Prize winner
A book from the 18th century
A book from the 19th century
A book from the 20th century – Kris
A novel centered around a (famous) historical person
A book of poems
A book that makes you feel intelligent
A book with a female name in the title – Jag heter inte Miriam
A book with a male name in the title – Odinsbarn
A book with a non-hetero love story
A book for children
A book with at least 6 words in the title – The Best of All Possible Worlds
A book someone has given to you – The Folklore of Discworld
A book written by somebody over 65 years old – The Heart Goes Last
A book you never thought you’d finish – En halv gul sol
A book based entirely on its cover
A book by a non-hetero/non-cis author
A book without nouns in the title
A sequel to a book you’ve read before
A book about a work of art
A book that makes you feel disgusted
A book by someone who wanted to change the world
A book set in a small town or village in your country
A book set in prehistoric time
A book by an author from a minority
A book you think you should have read but never did
A book that isn’t set in a specific place – Landet utanför
A book with a character with the same name as you have
A book by a local author
A book you think will teach you something
A book you’ve read before and loved – The Handmaid’s Tale
A book by an author who started as a blogger
A book with other norms and/or values than in your society – The Water Knife
A collection of essays, columns or similar – A Slip of the Keyboard
A book from a list of books you have to read before you die, or a similar list
A book that’s been nominated for a prize but didn’t win it – Cat’s Eye
A book that takes place (around) the year you were born
A letter novel
A book picked at random
A book recommended by a librarian
A book based on, or turned into a play
A book that fits into at least 3 categories on this list